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Tiny T-Rex, Big Dreams

Meet TB, the Tiny T-Rex. One day, TB came home from a long day at his job and began rummaging through his food pantry for a quick snack to tame his BIG sweet tooth. However, he was quite underwhelmed with what he saw. He didn’t know how to make the amazing foods shown on TV, and besides, it would take far too long to make. Everything ready-to-eat was so bad for him that it wouldn’t be long until he would have to be rolled around. So the very next day he quit his job and worked his magic to create something truly amazing.


TB’s Minute Muffins

The solution? TB created a magic muffin that not only could be made in under a minute, but also so nutritious that he can eat until his little belly can’t hold any more and still be a happy little T-Rex!

TB’s Minute Muffins are absolutely blowing my mind! Not only are they delicious, but TB never fails to brighten my day!
— Everyone
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